Full Moon Photo Shoot

The best time to photograph a full moon scene is that one evening of the month when the full moon (well actually it is at 99%, with the actual full moon occurring the next evening) is just rising as the sun is setting. Conversely, the next morning 12 hours later is the best time to shoot the moon as it is just setting and the sun has almost risen.  This provide just the right combination of moonlight and sunlight to get a proper exposure in one shot. Shown below are two images I took that illustrates this timing. The first image was taken last evening as the moon rose over the Carmel River in Carmel-by-the-Sea.  The sun has just set. The second image was taken at Seacliff Beach this morning 12 hours later. Yes I really did get up at 5:30 AM. Fortunately, the scene was about a one minute drive from my house. The moon is setting just before the sun rose. Of course it is not just about lighting but you also need to find a good composition that tells a story!

Full Moon over the Carmel River


Full Moon over SS Palo Alto