Tools of A Master painter - Ursula O'Farrell

I always love visiting Ursula in her studio as I did this past weekend during the Santa Cruz Open Studios Tour. She is a master at figurative abstracts and her palate of colors is exquisite. She has had a long and successful history of displaying and selling her work at galleries across the country. Please visit Ursula's website to learn more about her and view some of her great artwork.

In the series of images below (except for Ursula's picture) I focused on her "tools of the trade." They make interesting vignettes.

In his workshops, Jay Maisel, suggests it is best to study the works of great painters to learn and get inspiration - more so than other great photographers. After all, painters have been around for centuries, whereas photographers have been around for a little over 100 years!

I am inspired to learn more about the use of color in my artwork from artists such as Ursula.

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