The Photographer

"I am more concerned with portraying an interpretation rather than a literal representation of what I see before me." - Valda Bailey

When I discovered the photographic art of Valda Bailey my sense of what I could do with photography was completely changed. Although my art is significantly different than hers, I was led down the path of multiple exposures, camera movement, and blending modes mostly done in camera. I strive to create art that expresses the light, textures, colors and movement in the world around us, rather than simply an often-photographed pretty or iconic scene.

I am inspired as much by painters such as Monet, Picasso, and Degas as I am by other great photographers. After all painters have been creating art for centuries and have much to teach us.

I am fortunate to have the Pacific Ocean and redwood forests in my own “back yard,” allowing me all the time necessary to capture the perfect light, colors and shapes. My home near Santa Cruz offers endless opportunities for creating art.

My work has been exhibited and sold in many local venues and at higher-end juried art fairs. My background in computer software contributes to the technical skills I apply to my photography. My creative side is nourished by my lifelong talent as a guitarist. I am a member of the Carmel Center for Photographic Arts and Monterey County ImageMakers.

I perform all of the work from capture to print using archival methods. Prints are sold as signed limited editions.