Waltzing Willets

As often happens, I set out with a photographic goal in mind only to come upon something else more compelling to photograph. Some people might call this serendipity. Webster defines this as “luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for.” Such was the case the other day when I ventured down to Seacliff State Park beach. My purpose was to photograph the huge 17-20 foot storm waves - which I did accomplish (shown in the slide show below). However, a flock of Willets feeding in the evening light diverted my attention from the waves. I have been doing a lot of intentionally blurred images (ICM) lately, but these images were unintentionally blurred. I usually shoot in aperture priority so the camera decided I needed 1/20s for a proper exposure as I tracked their movement (called panning in photographic terms). Lucky for me, it was the right shutter speed to blur the birds to create these artistic images. The first one is my favorite and it's called “Waltzing Willets.”

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