The Power of the Printed Photograph

The concept of the power of the printed photograph struck home with me this week.

A customer inquired if I had more images of old doors and windows from Europe other than what was on my website. I dug into my archives and emailed them some possibilities. There was one in particular they liked and wanted to purchase it as fine art framed print to be a companion piece to two others they had already selected. I always liked the balcony image on my computer screen but never felt compelled to make a print of it. Amazing! Once I created the framed print for them I fell in love with the image and it is now part of my inventory. The images above are two of the ones my customer chose for a fine art prints.

Similarly, I made some portraits of a beautiful mother and 2 y.o daughter a short while ago. She really liked them when I showed her the proofs on the monitor. A few days later she saw the printed 8x12's. She was almost in tears and gave me the biggest hug. The power of the print!

Photographs are the new language. Everyone is taking them and saving them on their computers, smart phones and emailing them. There has never been a better time to be a photographer with all the possibilities of sharing images electronically. However most pictures never leave the cameras, computers or memory cards. The various forms of digital storage today may become obsolete sooner than expected and the images are possibly gone forever. Of course the photographic print will continue to exist.