Washington DC and other news...

Can you believe it? They lost our reservation to this B&B!

Just returned from a week in Washington DC. I grew up a few miles outside of Washington until I was about 10 years old and had never been back. I won't say how many decades ago that was!  I thought the "big" hill we used to sled down would now look very small. Turns it was as steep as I remembered it! 

I think everyone should visit the nation's capital. Whatever your political persuasions are, it will make you proud. A walk down the National Mall and you will see the great monuments of Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington, Roosevelt, and more.  Also there are 17 Smithsonian Museums in DC and they are all FREE to enter! As much as I love France I hate to think what it would cost to visit 17 museums in Paris.

Visit the WWl, WWII, Vietnam,  Korean memorials and more and contemplate the great sacrifices men and women have made for this country.  Did you know 58,000 soldiers died over 16 years during the Vietnam War (my generation) ? Yet over 37,000 died in the Korean War over three years.  All in all, this visit to Washington DC was moving and inspirational.

Art of Santa Cruz Grand Opening Thursday May 8th

Art of Santa Cruz is a new fine art and craft gallery that is now open at the Capitola Mall next to Target. Come to the grand opening for art, wine and food this Thursday!

A few of my favorite images from Washington DC...