Loose in the Palouse

I returned last week from the Palouse, which is about an hour south of Spokane, Washington. I had never heard of the Palouse until this year when I noticed some pretty well known photographers  (http://artwolfe.com/ - to name one) conducting photography workshops in the area. It is a photographer's mecca.

The area consists of thousands of square miles of spectacular rolling hill farmlands. The main crops are wheat, lentils and canola. In the spring and early summer there are incredible scenes of green wheat fields and yellow canola flowers. In August, the rich gold and brown textures of the wheat fields at harvest time stretch as far as the eye can see. Dotted throughout the landscape are old barns and trucks, abandoned houses and silos. Around almost every turn there is a scene worth photographing!

Below is a visual tour of this unique area set to music written and performed by me.