Santa Cruz North Coast Photography Workshop

Date: June 25/26  $140

Workshop is full

Big Sur gets a lot of the attention from photographers. However, the coast north of Santa Cruz has some of the most spectacular and accessible coastline in California. We will drive to these coastal locations that I have been photographing for years. We will cover lighting and composition and learn some of the tools and techniques for capturing the beauty and telling the story of this magnificent region.

Photography is a right brain, left brain artistic endeavor. Think about Ansel Adams. He was a technical master (left brain) in the darkroom and yet incredibly creative (right brain) in his imagery. Although technology has changed, the concepts have not. If we learn the technical aspects of our art we will be better at expressing our creativity. This is true for all of the arts.  This workshop will help in understanding photographic technology as it is applied to your creative visions. Enrollment will be limited to six students so each person can get more individualized attention.


  • Digital camera - either DLSR or an interchangeable lens camera
  • Tripod
  • Variable neutral density filter highly recommended
  • A love for the coastal landscape


Day 1

Afternoon 3:00 PM

We will meet to prepare for our photo shoot and discuss the following topics and more before we go out into the field.

  • What compels us to make a particular image besides it just being a pretty scene?

  • How can we use composition and lighting to express our vision?

  • What lens should we use - a wide angle, telephoto, or a zoom?

  • Learn why to get beyond just using the auto mode

  • What camera settings should we use and what is the relationship between aperture, iso setting, and shutter speed in capturing our image?

Evening 5:00 PM

Early dinner

6:00 - 9:00 PM

We will meet in Davenport. From there we will venture down to Davenport Beach.  As we photograph, there will be an ongoing discussion of the topics discussed earlier. The tide will be on the low side and sunset is around 8:30 PM.

Day - 2  - 9:00 AM -12:00 PM

We will return the classroom to view and critique our images using Adobe Lightroom.