The Photographer

My new path of impressionistic imagery is a natural evolution of and complement to my traditional style. The colors, textures and light in my images often lead the viewer to think they are paintings rather than photographs. Some of my major influences are Valda Bailey, Jay Maisel, Joe McNally, and the impressionist painters Claude Monet and Edgar Degas.

I am fortunate to have the Pacific Ocean and redwood forests in my own “back yard,” allowing me all the time necessary to capture the perfect light, colors and shapes. My home near Santa Cruz offers endless opportunities for impressionistic art.

I have been a full time and passionate photographer for over 16 years. My work has been exhibited in many local venues and at higher-end juried art fairs. My background in computer software contributes to the technical skills I apply to my photography. My creative side is nourished by my lifelong talent as a guitarist. I am a member of the Carmel Center for Photographic Arts, Monterey County ImageMakers and Santa Cruz Art League.